Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Horse Quotes and Photoshop Fun

I was having fun with photoshop this evening and added this favorite quote from Winston Churchill to my photo :)  I think it turned out neat! I started a group called SW Montana Lady Trail Riders as a way for some of the local ladies to find riding partners.  I can't wait to go on some rides with other like minded women!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Springtime isn't for the Faint of Heart

We sit here dreaming of springtime for most of the winter.  Drooling over seed and plant catalogs, pinning numerous gorgeous garden inspirations onto pinterest, and longing for green.

Then we start seeing signs of spring; warmer weather, green grass, buds on trees,snow melting, my easter egger chickens starting to lay eggs.  We smile.

We look around and see the many springtime chores that need done; cleaning all the dead plants up, cleaning the chicken coop, cleaning the goat pen, digging muck out of the duck pond, prepping our tractors.  Spring doesn't just magically transform into a blooming beauty, it needs us to help it and care for it and prepare it. This is when we all chip in and help out.  The work is hard but very rewarding.  Dinnertime sometimes is late, kids homework is sometimes put off until the last minute so they can help in the yard and garden, muscles we forgot we had get pained with the renewed activities of raking, shoveling and digging. Everyone helps, the goats get staked out to help eat some overgrown grass, the cats hide in the grass waiting to catch mice, the dogs just happy to be out enjoying the nice weather with us. The kids rake and toss grass into the garden cart and take turns driving it.  And even after all this work we smile. One of my favorite quotes from a movie (Return to Snowy River) is "I didn't know I could be so tired and so happy all at the same time."  It is a great feeling if you are ever lucky enough to experience it.

And if you do it right you can get all your ducks in  a row ;) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facebook beats out Blogger

We have decided that because most of our fans and interactions are on facebook we are going to put our time and effort into that page and let the blog go.  If you have not done so please "like" us on facebook and keep in touch that way.
 We may have the occasional blog post and if and when we do we will make sure to link from facebook.  We just have too many places to try and keep updated and we have found most of our fans prefer facebook to blogger.  Thanks for understanding,
Hermity Christine

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pansy and the Duck Eggs!

Hermity Christine's ducks have proven to be prolific layers. Hermity Katherine's friend and spiritual advisor, Pansy Bradshaw, has developed a passion for them.  He has concluded that a 9 minute duck egg, at 5100 ft. elevation, is indeed the most perfect boiled egg -- with a good solid white, firm outer yolk and soft center.  
Here are photos that Pansy took this morning as he was fixing his fried egg breakfast.

Le Prep  

Duck Versus Chicken

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hermity Christine Says Goodbye to Her Gallbladder

Hermity Christine has been in the hospital the past few days, feeling quite ill and having a fair bit of pain from an infected gallbladder.  The good news is, our local surgeon, the great and wonderful Dr. Shafaieh removed the offending organ and now Hermity Christine is on the mend. She should be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow.  It will be a while, though, before she is slinging hay to the goats or digging in the dirt. Hermity Katherine is going to feel very sad about that.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spinach Tub

Here are the photos of the spinach tub, planted; along with the spider that ran out from behind the basket of rocks that I used for drainage.  He is still there. I will capture him and remove him to the outdoors if Spot doesn't get him first.
I am not sure what I will do once the spinach germinates.  Spot is pretty sure I fixed him up a grand new potty.  He actually farted in anticipation as I was planting it.  Fortunately, until it germs, it is covered.  After that, I will have to enclose it or move it or something.
 Somehow this spider looks scarier in the photo.

 Soil in the plastic tub, rocks in the bottom for drainage.

Planted and waiting to germinate.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spinach in Containers

We have run out of summer squash (what we didn't eat, the chickens enjoyed).... and sick of green beans....  and getting sort of antsy for some greens, but summer is a long time away and store-bought greens are too expensive.  So, I am going to grow some spinach and lettuce in big containers in my south-facing windows. Hermity Christine used to do this in her greenhouse, but we don't have a greenhouse any more.
I'm not going to mess around with pretty flower pots -- just some big square plastic containers.  Photos to follow!